The cold weather we're experiencing is going to have an impact on our economy. That's because it's causing a spike in natural gas prices. Those higher costs mean consumers will be paying hefty bills. Economists say that could put a damper on our discretionary spending for at least the next month -- or longer if the cold temperatures return.

The Consumer Electronics Show has a lot to offer this year including the world's first 'connected' smart toothbrush. What does that mean? Well, the makers say it will track your brushing habits!

LG is making headlines there with its 105-inch, curved, 4K television. Sounds pretty awesome doesn't it? Don't get too excited just yet. That giant set comes with a giant price tag: $70,000!

Wait until you see what Toyota is unveiling -- a new fuel cell car. The four-seater can actually power your house for up to a week during a blackout!

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