VIRGINIA BEACH -- Freezing temperatures mean freezing conditions. Take that fact, put it together with all the water in the area, and you have a potential for danger that goes beyond the surface of any body of water.

'Really, no ice is truly safe to walk on, but here in this community we just don't stay that cold,' explained Battalion Chief Amy Valdez with the Virginia Beach Fire Department. 'Kids sometimes have a false sense of security. They think they're light, especially in those middle age groups where, you know, a toddler is being supervised, but you have a kid that's maybe elementary or early middle school, and they're gonna venture out and try some things that maybe aren't really the safest thing to do.'

Because several spots could see surface freezing, Valdez said parents may want to remind children to keep their distance from those areas. She added children aren't the only people who need reminders of the potential dangers freezing temperatures bring.

'Just when you're out and about, dress appropriately for the weather,' shared Valdez. 'As we get older, you know, you just don't tolerate the cold temperatures as much, so you might think that you're gonna go out for your normal morning jog, and you just underestimate the temperature, and you end up with a hypothermia issue.'

Trying to avoid freezing when indoors can create a number of issues.

'If you have a fuel-burning heating device, you need to really make sure that you have a carbon monoxide detector. Make sure you have a safe area around the heater. Make sure you keep your small kids away from it,' Valdez offered.

She told 13News Now the department recommends there be a minimum clearance of 3 feet around a heater. Nothing flammable or combustible should be within that radius.

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