NORFOLK An Old Dominion University Student is trying to figure out who sent her a money order worth nearly a thousand dollars.

'My jaw dropped, of course!' exclaimed Inglish Young. 'What college student wouldn't, to the sight of 975 dollars just being handed to you in the mail.'

Last December, she received an email in her ODU account from a group called Mystery Shoppers Inc.

Eager for a part-time job, Young signed up and gave them her phone number and address.

On thursday she received what appears to be a money order from the United States Postal Service from someone in New York City. But it came in a UPS envelope sent from the US Forest Service in Stoneville Mississippi.

Also in the envelope was a letter instructing her to deposit the 975 dollars in her bank account and spend just $50 dollars at Walmart.

'Take the 50 dollars, spend it, keep 150 dollars for myself and send the rest of the money to this gentleman,' said Young.

Then the red flags went up, and then her phone rang.

'I said i do not know who you are, why you are calling, please don't call my phone anymore or I will get the authorities involved, and I hung up,' recalled Young. 'As soon as I hung up my house phone rang and it was the same gentleman.'

13News Now called the San Francisco number and spoke briefly with a person on the other line, but they hung up when asked about the money order.

Young hopes her fellow students do not fall for what she sees as a potentially serious scam.

'I've heard things about it before, scams, send somebody this and that, but until it happens to you, you're in the clouds about it,' Young said.
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