1/20 UPDATE: Bill Bailey, president of the Va. Beach Firefighter's Association, says four firefighters were injured; two treated Friday night for burns; 2 others went to the hospital at a later time fore treatment of burns. All were treated and released.

VIRGINIA BEACH -- Firefighters said 82-year-old Marcia Varcus and 67-year-old Nancy Basnight died in a house fire Friday night.

4 other people were hurt during the fire that started in a fireplace of a home on Thamesford Drive before growing out out control.

One person told 13News Now her uncle tried to help before firefighters got to the 1300 block of Thamesford.

'There were four people in the house, and there were two ladies who jumped out and one was blind,' Genese Herrera said. 'My uncle ran and tried to bust the door open, but the smoke came out the he couldn't get in.'

One people rescued from the home went to the hospital in critical condition. Paramedics treated another victim at the scene. Crews took 2 firefighters to the hospital. Doctors treated and released them.

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