PORTSMOUTH---Some drivers are sharing their plans to dodge tolls with 13News Now.

Tolls at Downtown and Midtown tunnels will start Feb. 1, but there are ways to avoid the fees.

Toll dodging will add miles to their trip, but many drivers say they don't care.

'People are pretty stubborn to the fact that they aren't going to pay more,' said driver Nicholas Doldorf.

George Washington Highway to the High Rise Bridge is an option along with a similar route connecting to George Washington Highway to Military Highway then crossing the Gilmerton Bridge.

Drivers are also factoring in the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel. It's common to choose between it and the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel to get to Norfolk. More drivers may choose the latter to avoid paying a toll at the midtown tunnel.

'When you dodge tolls you're going find yourself in a situation where traffic isn't your friend,' said Driver Albert Hawkins.

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