UPDATE 2/5: Two juveniles have been charged with carelessly damaging property by fire and destruction of property in connection with a house fire on Rock Lake Loop.

Officials say the two juveniles knew the house was vacant, entered the home and at some point decided to light a fire in the bathtub in order to keep warm.

The two went outside to look for more wood/or paper to put on the fire and when they returned the fire had gotten bigger and extended beyond the original products they had lit, officials told 13News Now.

They attempted to extinguish the fire with snow. The water was turned off to the residence and with no other way to extinguish the fire it continued to get bigger and the juveniles ran.

They are not being charged with arson because there was no malicious intent to burn, official said.


VIRGINIA BEACH-A late-night fire that damaged a Virginia Beach home is being called suspicious.

Dave Vanwart says he was watching TV when he heard some commotion outside his Rock Lake Loop home around 11:30 p.m.

'I got up to look out my bedroom window and I saw three kids running through the snow, running on the backside by the lake,' Vanwart said.

Firefighters got the fire under control in about 20 minutes. Battalion Chief Ken Pravitz with the Virginia Beach Fire Dept. says there was moderate damage to the house.

Richard and Rita Lau own the house. It's been for sale and they say it was under contract. They're not sure the sale will go through now.

Fire officials say the incident involves two juvenile suspects and charges will be released following a meeting with the Commonwealth Attorney next week.

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