Your cup of morning coffee could soon be costing you more. Traders are pushing higher prices because of fears that supplies from the world's biggest producer, Brazil, could soon shrink. That's because hot, dry weather may have stunted the early stages of the bean's development.

And it seems the hits just keep coming. If you like milk in your coffee you may want to start drinking it black. The California drought is being blamed for an increase in milk prices. The cost of milk could skyrocket by as much as 60-cents next month. That would be the highest price ever!

How about a coffee-flavored doughnut? Krispy Kreme now has two new ones to offer you. The company is hoping 'Mocha Kreme' and 'Caramel Coffee Kreme' will help spur coffee sales.

The makers of the popular mobile game 'Candy Crush Saga' have filed papers to become a publicly traded company. They're looking into raising as much as $500-million in an initial public offering.

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