VIRGINIA BEACH -- A Virginia Beach neighborhood is shaken up after stray bullets fly through a family's bedroom .The shooting happened off Crashaw Street in Chimney Hill.

The Jones family was scared to death when they realized a bullet flew through their bedroom off Crashaw street in Virginia Beach. Richelle Jones said she and her husband were in the living room when they heard gunfire.

'All of a sudden we heard six gunshots and then a window shatter ,' said Jones.

The Jones' went to check on their kid's and their neighbors while calling police. The morning the Jones' realized a bullet shot through their wall, across her bedroom and shattered this window.

'If you were standing up in our bedroom, it came across the direct center of our bedroom. If we were standing up it would have been a headshot,' said Jones.

Suzanne Fraser lives down the street from the Jones' and said she remembers a stray bullet coming through her neighbor's child's bedroom not too long ago. She and others are worried that no one knows where the shots came from or if there was an intended target.

'That's really kind of scary just makes you wonder about who has a gun and what they are doing. Are they going out there trying to terrorize people or is it just a kind of accident or the wrong person with a gun,' said Fraser.

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