Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web. Believe it or not, the information super highway has been around for 25 years. A new study finds that 87% of American adults use the Internet and almost half of them say it would be nearly impossible to give up.

It seems orange juice is not so difficult to give up. Last year, OJsales hit their lowest level in at least 15 years and sales so far this year are not looking so great either. Why the decline? Some experts say shifting eating habits as well as the rising cost of juice are to blame.

Taco Bell is at it again. The fast food company is testing a brand new product - the 'quesarito.' Yes, it's exactly what you would think. It's a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla. If you want to get a taste of this hybrid, you need to head to Oklahoma City. That's where it's being tested right now.

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