NORFOLK -- A passenger carrying a loaded gun in an airport will make any traveler worry.

Wednesday night, TSA agents discovered a loaded .380 Smith & Wesson Bodyguard handgun in someone's carry-on luggage in the X-ray machine.

Police immediately got involved and arrested the Norfolk passenger whom it belonged to. Other travelers say they're relieved by the outcome and applaud authorities for taking swift action.

'That's good that means they're doing their job you know everything is working well so I appreciate it,' said traveler Jacob Fisher.

TSA officials don't know if the Norfolk man intentionally carried the gun to the airport. It is a misdemeanor to have a gun on airport property.

A lot of people do inadvertently bring guns to the airport we can't say how many of them were inadvertent and how many have been on purpose but last year alone TSA officers discovered over 17-hundred guns coming through the airport,' said TSA spokesman Jim McKinney.

Authorities also say the passenger did have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.'

After the Norfolk man was arrested he was able to catch his flight to Charlotte, North Carolina without his gun.

McKinney says there are approved ways to fly with guns, but specific rules need to be followed. Click here for TSA rules on traveling with firearms and ammunition

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