VIRGINIA BEACH -- A Virginia Beach man was shocked Sunday when he discovered his drivers registration card was taken from his car.

It happened to David Edmonds on Saturday night in the Indian Lakes section of the city.

'It just seemed odd. Nothing else was stolen,' said Edmonds.

He reported to police.

'Well, when somebody has access to your registration they have access to your name, your address and if you have other items in the car such as a garage door opener, they know where your house is located,' said officer Jimmy Cason with the Virginia Beach Police Department.

A spokesman for the Virginia DMV said it is important to report the crime and then go online to order a new registration card. The website will prompt you. You will need your vehicle title number and the last four digits of your VIN.

Edmonds said he thought his neighborhood was safe and his car was unlocked.

'We learned a hard lesson,' concluded Edmonds.

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