NORFOLK -- The parking lot near the Powerhouse Gym in Bayview Plaza is not filled with cars. When gym members went there to workout Tuesday they were surprised to find the gym closed.

'I signed up for a whole year, they gave me a deal for a whole year not even a month ago, I just pay for a whole year and now the door is closed,' said Nehemiah Sanchez.

Inside the gym there is a faint note that reads: Sorry, currently out of business, current members will be contacted for prorate, sorry for the inconvenience.

Of course, one gym's pain is another gym's gain. Taped to the vacant windows of the Powerhouse Gym are notices inviting members to go to another neighborhood gym called Muscle Beach.

Workers at Muscle Beach say members of Powerhouse are signing up, 'Well, we've seen a lot more people up in here which is good, but unfortunate for what has happened to them,' said personal trainer Jackie Broughton.

Bob Pfaller, the owner of Powerhouse Gym, did talk to 13News Now over the phone. He said he had to close his gym 'for personal issues,' and he added he closed his gym abruptly for the safety of his members.

Pfaller added that he misses his members and everyone will be compensated accordingly. He says he plans to reopen somewhere else.

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