ACCOMACK COUNTY - The woman accused of setting fire to dozens of buildings on the Eastern Shore wants a separate trial for each fire.

Tonya Bundick was in court Thursday in Accomack County. Her attorneys said the 62 charges should be tried separately since they're not connected and there's no common goal in each.

To make the case, they cited a statement made by her boyfriend, Charles Smith, in which he said he and Bundick would set the fires because they had a grudge against someone or because they'd had a bad night and just felt like doing it.

The Commonwealth argued the incidents should be considered in one trial because they're all similar -- the fires happened at night, all the buildings were abandoned and the fires were light in the same way.

The prosecutor also said the fires did have a common goal and that was to allow Smith and Bundick to maintain their relationship.

The judge says he wants to review testimony from Bundick's January trial, in which she entered an Alford plea on two counts of arson. .He also said he wants to read Smith's statement.

Judge says if a jury trial is scheduled, it will be held in Virginia Beach.

The Judges also said it would be okay for Bundick to wear makeup in court and that she will be allowed to wash her hair before court, referencing the fact that at her January trial, she didn't have time to prepare her appearance because of the time it took to transfer her from Accomack County to Virginia Beach.

The fires took place from November 2012 to April 2013.

Smith pleaded guilty in October 2013 to 67 arson counts and one count of conspiracy.

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