HAMPTON -- Nearly 3,000 brass vases on graves in cemetaries across Hampton Roads have gone missing over the past month, and the vandal is still on the loose.

James Stuart, General Manager of Hampton Memorial Gardens is having a hard time looking at the memorials on his site lately, because every day, he finds more and more brass vases missing from gravesites.

'It's sad that someone would stoop that low to take something off a grave,' Stuart said.

Each vase is valued at $395, but it's not just at Hampton Memorial Gardens where vases have vanished.

'There's been five other memorial parks in the area between Hampton, Newport News, VA Beach Area and Portsmouth that have been hit by vandalism also.'

He and the general managers of the other memorial gardens are working with local police departments to find out who's behind this rash of thefts. So far, no leads have been found.

The memorial gardens have to replace each stolen vase with money out of their own pockets, but it could be months before there are any available.

In the meantime, they want the thefts to stop and they're asking for the public's help.

'Let us know. If for some reason you see something, call 911, let them know where you are,' Stuart said.

A $5,000 reward is being offered for whoever has any information on this case.

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