VIRGINIA BEACH - Meet Sadie, the newest member of the Virginia Beach Fire Department.

Sadie is part of the Accelerant Canine Program, which uses dogs to sniff out bombs, explosives and flammable liquids.

The 17-month old English Labrador Retriever and her handler recently completed a 12-week ATF accelerant canine course in Front Royal. The course teaches dogs to detect the presence of ignitable liquids and petroleum distillates and she officially joined the department April 28.

'She came from a program called Puppies Behind Bars,' Battalion Chief Amy Valdez told 'She received her basic obedience training at a women's prison in Danbury Connecticut.'

She replaces Pepe, which retired last year after more than two years on the job. He's now the family pet for his previous handler.

Sadie will make her first public appearance on May 16 at dedication of Thalia Fire Station 7 in Town Center.

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