5/13 UPDATE: Virginia Beach City Council is set to vote on whether to spend money to improve Sandbridge Road. See the City Council agenda here


VIRGINIA BEACH -- City council may invest hundreds of thousands of dollars for immediate improvements to Sandbridge Road.

The request for changes come after the recent tragedy on the narrow thoroughfare. A woman and three children died after a crash in April.

To avoid the burden on taxpayers, money wouldn't be added to the new budget for the improvements. Instead, funds would be shifted from another project to cover the cost.

$250,000 would go towards lighting and signage improvements. It would also cover additional guardrails, and some sections would see additional gravel and asphault.

Neighbor Teresa Land isn't completely sold on the investment.

'That could help,' she said. 'But you would have to have people who want to pay attention, and I'm not really sure they would.'

City Council would still need to approve the budget changes.

It's scheduled for a vote in two weeks.

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