WILLIAMSBURG -- The College of William and Mary is raising in-state tuition 14 percent for freshman next year.

However, the university has adopted 'The William and Mary Promise,' which guarantees incoming freshman the same in-state tuition over the next four years.

Jack Springer is a parent from Fairfax, Virginia and says he thinks tuition is too expensive.

'I have a student here, and I have a student at UVA, and I still think tuition and fees are too high here,' Springer said.

This will mark the second year William and Mary guarantees tuition costs will remain the same for in-state students.

'Freshman who completed their first year have three more years of paying the same amount for tuition,' said Brian Whitson, spokesman for the College of William and Mary.

The public college ranks at the top of Virginia colleges when it comes to tuition. The incoming freshman class will have 1,520 students- 50 more than last year.

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