WHITE STONE, Va. -- Colorado and Washington state have recently legalized marijuana for recreational use.

While 19 other states permit medical marijuana, it's still illegal in Virginia. But some believe legalizing medical marijuana is gaining momentum with lawmakers in Virginia.

Several groups in the Commonwealth, including Safe Access Virginia and Virginia Parents for Medical Marijuana, are trying to get more support for medicinal cannabis.

Lisa Smith of White Stone, Virginia has a child with Dravet Syndrome, a type of epilepsy. Her 13-year-old daughter, Haley, has seizures several times a day. Last year, she had 800 seizures.

Scientific research has found that marijuana can give people who suffer from epilepsy some relief. Smith wants to see if it can help her daughter.

'We are not looking for something that's going to make her high. This medication we're looking for is not something she would smoke. It's an oil that ingested, derived from the marijuana plant,' said Smith.

Coming up on 13News Now at 6, how legalizing marijuana might make a difference for those suffering from seizures and how Virginia's lieutenant governor is offering his support.

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