DARE COUNTY -- A Dare County narcotics officer was injured last Thursday while trying to arrest a man who was allegedly selling prescription medication.

When officers conducted the felony traffic stop in Kitty Hawk on May 22, the suspect was allegedly trying to destroy evidence by swallowing the illegal prescription medication.

Authorities said the suspect then tried to leave the scene and ran into the back of a law enforcement vehicle.

Officers were then forced to break the man's window after he locked himself inside.

The suspect was transported to the hospital for minor injuries sustained in the arrest.

An officer also suffered minor injuries due to the broken glass and was treated on scene.

The suspect, 39-year-old Aaron Stonesifer, has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon on law enforcement, alter/steal/destroy criminal evidence, possession with intent to manufacture/sell/deliver schedule II controlled substance, sell/deliver schedule II controlled substance.

Stonesifer is currently in the Dare County Detention Center.

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