NORFOLK -- A federal grand jury has indicted two more military contractors in connection with a bribery investigation that has already resulted in four men pleading guilty.

Scott Miserendino of Stafford and Timothy Miller of Chesapeake were indicted by a grand jury on Friday on charges including bribery of a public official, accepting of a bribe by a public officials, obstruction of criminal investigations and related conspiracy charges.

Miserendino, who was a civilian contractor for the Military Sealift Command, is accused of accepting bribes in exchange for steering government contracts towards a pair of Chesapeake businesses.

Miller is accused of paying thousands of dollars in bribes to Miserendino and another MSC employee, Kenny Toy, in exchange for government contracts.

The federal indictment handed down by a grand jury on Friday alleges Miserendino accepted $212,500 in bribe money. Miller is accused of having made $1.1 million off of the contracts he was awarded with Miserendino and Toy's assistance.

Toy pleaded guilty to accepting bribes in conjunction with the scheme in February.

Three other men have pleaded guilty to playing a part in paying Miserendino and Toy with the bribes.

Dwayne Hardman, Miller's business partner, pleaded guilty to bribery in February.

Roderic Smith, who owned a different company with Dwayne Hardman, also pleaded guilty in March to charges of paying bribes to public officials. Michael McPhail, who worked for Hardman and Smith, has also pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges.

A representative for Military Sealift Command declined to comment on the new indictment on Tuesday afternoon.

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