RICHMOND -- Virginia Department of Health said testing of milk from Marva Maid Dairy showed elevated levels of bacteria consistent with milk spoiling prematurely.

Chief Deputy Commissioner for Public Health and Preparedness David Trump, MD, MPH, MPA said Tuesday that VDH is working with the dairy to determine what led to the spoilage.

School divisions in Henrico County and Prince William County reported they found half-pints of milk that curdled and had an 'off taste.'

As a result, cafeterias in Prince William County are not selling milk this week.

The Washington Post reported a letter sent home to families Monday said school officials notified Newport News-based Marva Maid Dairy about the spoiled half-pint containers of milk on May 23.Read the letter.

A spokeswoman for the dairy said the company issued a voluntary recall for any half-pint containers that have a printed expiration date between May 30 and June 2.

Trump said recent testing at Marva Maid's plant showed it met all VDH requirements. He added the spoilage problem appeared temporary. There were no reports of extended illness, only reports from some students who said they felt sick shortly after drinking the milk.

State Director of Food and General Environmental Services Julie Henderson said VDH has been investigating since receiving the initial report. VDH has been inspecting the plant and is looking at Marva Maid distribution centers, how milk was stored, and how it was transported.

Anyone with questions or concerns can contact Marva Maid at 1-800-768-6243, extension 445.

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