NORFOLK -- Planners from all over the country met in Norfolk Wednesday to figure out a solution to tidal flooding.

The region stands as one of the most vulnerable areas in the country to sea-level rise.

Experts at Old Dominion University estimate that by 2050 the sea level will rise by 18 inches.

'What we had before in flooding is just going to be getting a worse,' said Larry Atkinson, a professor of oceanography.

Atkinson says a potential remedy will be the installation of flood gates across the region, similar to the one installed near Nauticus in Norfolk.

'Our city's welfare and future depends on it,' said Larchmont resident Mary Hennelly.

Atkinson says flood gates are just one defense against a problem that will need multiple solutions.

The next step for planners is to develop a pilot project.

This project is a two year process that will have leaders developing a strategy to bring solutions like flood gates to life.

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