VIRGINIA BEACH -- Several parking spots at Town Center could be cut to make room for more shops.

Tuesday night, city council will vote on the plan to expand Town Center. It calls for adding the upscale clothing stores Anthropologie, Lululemon and Free People.They also hope to attract a high-end restaurant and furniture shop.

The spots would be eliminated in the parking garage located in the new 15-story office and apartment building under construction at Town Center. The garage, which hasn't opened yet, called for 950 spaces on six floors. This will reduce the number of new parking spaces to 927.

Anthropologie will be on the ground floor of the new building. Lululemon and Free People will be in the space across the street, formerly occupied by Red Star Tavern.

As part of the deal, the city would pay $100,000 to move a parking garage wall to add more space for retail.

City officials think it's worth the cost. According to estimates, the new shops would bring in about $975,000 in annual sales, personal property, and business license taxes -- generating about $430,000 additional revenue for the city and schools.

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