What is it? One of the products is a glass clean. The other is a tool that helps you reach and clean those difficult to get to spots.

What does it claim? The glass cleaner itself claims to 'make glass invisible!' The Reach & Clean tool claims to 'clean glass faster & easier!'

Who tested it? Virginia Beach resident and teacher Erik Petermann checked it out for us.

What Are The Instructions? The Invisible Glass cleaner instructions are pretty self explanatory. Basically hold the can 8 to 10 inches away from the surface you will be cleaning. Use a soft, clean, lint-free cloth or towel and gently wipe surface and lift and remove grime. For best results you may have to apply two or more applications. Now when it comes to the Clean & Reach tool the instructions are a little more detailed. It's suggested you make sure your vehicle is washed before you use the tool. To get started you first need to attach the microfiber glass and mirror bonnet that comes with it to the wedge-shaped cleaning head. You will know the bonnet is attached correctly when the care tag is centered at the bottom of the cleaning head. You should start at the top point and pull the bonnet around the side and towards the bottom until the cleaning head is covered entirely and evenly. Make sure the handle is firmly attached to the cleaning head. Next spray Invisible Glass onto the glass surface you are trying to clean. Applying once approximately every square foot area. Be careful not to over-saturate. That can lead to streaking. While you're sitting in the vehicle seat, hold the handle and press the cleaning head against the windshield with moderate pressure while making back and forth motions. You may need to apply additional pressure to clean stubborn areas. If you have a really stubborn spot you will need to use the scrubber bonnet. To get the best cleaning results, use vertical motions on the lower sections of the interior windshield and rear window and use horizontal motions on the upper sections. To get maximum effectiveness and ease of use, keep the handle at a 45 degree angle or less to the surface when cleaning. You can use the multi-purpose bonnet to help dry off your surface. It's important to note that if your bonnet gets excessively wet or dirty it can be flipped inside out and the reverse side can be used if needed.

Did it work? Our tester really liked both products. He thought the glass cleaner did a good job. But he was really impressed with the Reach & Clean tool. He liked the fact that he could sit in the passenger seat and with the tool, reach all the way over and clean the driver's side windshield. Plus the tool allowed him to reach into and clean that difficult spot between the windshield and the console. He felt like the handle of the tool was sturdy and that the consistency of the cleaner helped to make sure you got everything clean. He says he will definitely being putting these products to use in the future.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Invisible Glass Reach & Clean tool through Taylor Do it Center for $16.99. The store also carries Invisible Glass premium glass cleaner for $6.49 for a 19 ounce aerosol can.

Additional Comments: If you need to clean a really hard-to-reach surface you can unscrew the end cap or 'hang loop' at the end of the Invisible Glass Reach & Clean handle and screw in a standard threaded extension pole if you have one around the house. All the Invisible Glass Reach & Clean bonnets are reversible, machine washable and reusable.

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