VIRGINIABEACH -- Some doctors in the resort city are putting their sneakers where their mouths are.

Dr. Penny Lane (and yes - that's her real name), is a pediatrician with Sentara and she's the one who organized this grass roots effort to tie in with a national campaign among doctors to get their patients exercising and eating right. It's called 'Walk With A Doc.'

'I thought it sounded interesting from a pediatric standpoint to get my families out walking, get the kids unplugged. Do something that's free, fun, easy you can do it anywhere, anyday, any time,' said Dr. Lane.

They start in the Jim White Fitness parking lot along Great Neck Road in Virginia Beach and walk three miles on the second Saturday of each month. They encourage families to join them. Anyone and everyone can join the group.

'One of the guidelines for healthy living of the American Academy of Pediatrics is to incorporate an hour of moderate exercise every day,' said Dr. Jackie Cotton. And walking those three miles takes an hour.

Their website is, and it has lots of common sense information about living healthy and eating healthy. And these tips are passed along throughout this event. But it all starts with getting up and getting out and getting active.

'I mean, it's true a lot of people don't like to exercise they don't like to eat right, but this is just an easy way to do it. If you just eat right and just walk,' said participant Nicole Harper.

There were some younger children who turned out to walk with their parents.

'I think I would say you should try walking because it helps you to exercise and get stronger,' said 9 year old walker Julia Marcanczyk

So don't just go to a doc. They advise that you walk with a doc, too.

'We'll see how it takes off in Virginia Beach,'said Dr. Lane. ' I just need to get information out about it so people of all ages can come out and walk with us,' she said.

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