HAMPTON -- 'How many more people gotta die?' asked Margaret Eaddy Saturday, following the arrest of Kwaume Edwards.

Newport News police took 25-year-old Edwards into custody after he barricaded himself in a hotel for almost two hours.

Edwards is accused of several crimes, including the murder of Eaddy's son, Jonathan Coles, in May. Hampton officers found him shot at a home on Newport News Avenue.

Hours after Edwards' arrest, Eaddy was at the location where someone shot and killed Tyquan Woods Saturday. Woods was her son's best friend.

'They were all best friends. They were all together the night that Kwaume killed my son,' said Eaddy.

28-year-old Coles is the third person Edwards has been accused of killing.

In May, 2006, York-Poquoson Sheriff's deputies arrested Edwards -- who was 17 years old at the time -- for the murder of Michael Tyler. Edwards' cousin was among the other people charged in the killing. Edwards was acquitted.

In July, 2011, Hampton police said Edwards and two other people were responsible for the killing of Ricky Calloway, Jr.

Edwards was freed after prosecutors did not move ahead with the case.

Eaddy is hopeful her son's accused killer will be held accountable for his death. She plans to turn her grief and anger into something positive and productive.

'We've already started to rally. I'm looking into starting a foundation for my son, Jonathan B. Coles. I'm doing something, anything, to be an activist against this gun violence, because it has to stop. It's not just black people dying. It's all people dying, and I'm just tired of it happening,' Eaddy told 13News Now.

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