The Labor Department says job openings climbed in June for the fifth straight month, reaching their highest level since early 2001. But even with that news, wages remain stagnant. There are also still more unemployed workers than there are job openings; although, it's an improvement from last year.

Next month British Airways will launch what's being called it's 'paws and relax' channel for long-haul flights.It's going to have programming featuring cuddly puppies and kitten. It's designed to calm jittery passengers.

Although Michael Jackson died five years ago, today he'll be making music history. He is going to be the first artist to ever premiere a music video exclusively on 'Twitter.'

If you play fantasy football, or work with someone who does, you're going to want to hear about this new study. It claims that the managing of fantasy football teams on the job this season will cost employers more than $13 billion in lost productivity. But there's some good news too. The study also found that company-wide leagues can help to build office morale.
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