Target has a new open late policy. The retailer will now keep more than half of its U-S stores open until midnight. The chain's 1,800 stores are typically open from 8am until 10 pm everyday except Sunday, when they close at 9 pm. The new hours will mean a 10pm closing time on Sunday and 11pm or midnight all other days. Target believes that will give it an advantage against online retailers.

The bourbon industry's big distillers are now overproducing, believing that its popularity will remain strong. Bourbon production has surged 150 percent during the last 15 years in Kentucky, which is home to 95 percent of the world's bourbon production.

Sprint, the third largest wireless company in the US, is expected to announce cheaper pricing plans this week. According to the company's new CEO, Sprint's priorities are to reduce prices, improve its network and decrease operational costs. According to reports, the new plans could offer cheaper prices, bigger allotments of wireless data, or both.

It seems Fall is in the air or at least Fall flavors soon will be at Starbucks. Pumpkin Spice Latte is coming back. Some customers who participate in a twitter scavenger hunt will be able to purchase the popular beverage starting next Tuesday. For everyone else, it will be available September 2.
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