NEWPORT NEWS -- 'Thirty-eight years later, we're still doing it. We've had great success,' said Congressman Bobby Scott as he stood in his back yard Labor Day afternoon.

People enjoyed the music and food at his annual holiday picnic. More than a cookout, the event gives people from the community a chance to interact with many elected Democrats.

'Everybody is somebody here. You don't feel like you're not important, because you have the people from the community as well as the politicians that you may -- you only see on TV,' said Natalie Purdie.

'Get to see them in person, take a picture with 'em, maybe share some of your views about the community,' Steve Jackson told 13News Now.

Topics of conversation included issues affecting the Hampton Roads area, the country, and the world.

'ISIS is a terrorist threat and a barbaric threat,' noted United States Senator Mark Warner who was among the guests.

Warner explained dealing with the militant group that has gained traction in Northern Iraq and Syria cannot involve America alone.

'I think we need to keep all our options on the table, and I the President has acted accordingly in terms of the bombing missions,' Warner stated. 'We need the people of Iraq to show a determination to form a government that's comprehensive, that includes all the various religious sects. We need the other states in the region -- the Sunni nations, as well -- step up.'

'Coming up with a strategy that can effectively deal with them without getting us involved in a war is a very delicate task, and the President's working on that now,' said Scott.

Domestically, Warner told 13News Now the national deficit remains one of the greatest concerns. He said without a bi-partisan solution, governmental departments -- including the Department of Defense -- could be staring down additional sweeping cuts.

'Unless we're able to put the grand budget bargain together where we deal with both entitlement reform and tax reform, we're going to see the stupidity of sequestration come rushing back next year, and that hurts us in Hampton Roads more than almost any place in the nation,' explained Warner.

He added, 'We've seen some good recent economic announcements, and the Congressional delegation came together to make sure we got the George Washington refueled -- terribly important for national security and for thousands of jobs -- but we can't keeping the can on this $17 trillion in debt.'

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