NORFOLK-- A group of local college students are building and donating computers to students in need.

Members of the computer club at Tidewater Community College rehabilitate used computers and get them into the hands of students that really need them.

They have donated 300 computers since the club was founded in 2009.

'What we really like to do is have the faculty members find a student that needs a computer. We call the deserving students to get a computer and give them an application. They make sure it gets back to me,' said the club's advisor Professor Gary Noah.

Applications come in and the club evaluates them.

Club member Brian Rose looked over a student's application who would definitely qualify. They put the most deserving on top of the list.

'He is on financial aid which shows that he is in need of a computer. Most people on financial aid don't have enough money to get a computer on their own means,' said Rose.

Sentara got wind of this club and donated 250 used computers.

'We have to reinstall and put all of the updates on it. There's about 120 updates after you install the operating system,' Rose said.

The turnaround can be as quick as one week.

There are countless stories of students brought to tears when they recieved their own computer from the club.

Kathy Gilbert received hers Wednesday.

'Whenever I take a science class I really need it,' she said.

The club is always looking for used computers, especially from businesses.

If you would like to donate a used computer, you can email Professor Gary Noah at Tidewater Community College at or call 757-822-7142.

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