GLOUCESTER -- Two people are dead in Gloucester County in what authorities say is a murder-suicide.

On Sunday afternoon, Keith Philip Ketch shot his estranged wife's boyfriend and then killed himself, according to the Gloucester County Sheriff.

It happened at a home in the 1800 block of Gloucester Road in Hayes while four children were inside, officers added.

Investigators say Ketch shot Jonathan 'Jack' McKinsey in the back yard of the home, then forced his way inside where he pointed the gun at his estranged wife.

He then left, went into the back yard and shot himself, according to the sheriff's office.

13News talked with the parents of Allie Ketch, the alleged shooter's estranged wife. They said they noticed Keith Ketch circling the neighborhood and called to warn their daughter.

The family was apparently enjoying a pool party at the time. They got the kids inside. According to Allie, Jack saw Keith Ketch approaching and told her to run inside also.

Jack's mother, Nancy Borbe, will remember her son as a hero.

'He took the bullet, because he knew that if he [Keith] could get in there, he was going to kill all of them because he said he would,' said Borbe.

According to Allie, Keith Ketch shot Jack then came inside and found her hiding with the children.

'We had the kids in the back room and then he came in there and Hunter got in front of me,' explained Allie.

She said their 10-year old boy stepped in front to protect her and told his father not to ruin his family forever.

The family claims Keith Ketch has been stalking them for nearly a year.

The investigation continues.

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