NORFOLK -- The woman accused of being paid for 12 years while not showing up for work won't have to repay most of the $320,000 Norfolk says she owes.

Jill McGlone was an employee at Norfolk Community Services Board.

Circuit Court judge Everett A. Martin ruled the statute of limitations restricts the city from collecting any funds before April 2008. McGlone was fired and stopped receiving checks on May 15, 2010, so the ruling means Norfolk can only collect what she was paid for two years, equaling about $50,000.

'I intend to keep fighting on behalf of Mrs. McGlone to see she has her day in Court before a jury of her peers. I am hopeful a jury will share our position that she should not be required to repay any of those funds to the CSB and the case will be dismissed against her,' her attorney Gerald 'Jerry' Harris stated.

In the same order, the judge dismissed civil suits against several others caught up in the investigation into the services board, including Linda Berardi, Anthony Crisp and Brenda Wise.

Kevin Martingayle, who represents Berardi and Crisp, said, 'CSB as a tough road ahead of them in winning against any defendant.'

'This is a big loss for the CSB,' he added,.

This decision comes just days after another circuit court judge, Charles E. Poston, impaneled the special grand jury investigate the case.

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