NEWPORT NEWS - Police say a toddler was found walking in the middle of a busy street Thursday morning.

Calls starting coming in around 7:30 a.m. about a two-year-old girl walking near the Midtown Motel at 10614 Jefferson Avenue, said police spokeswoman Holly McPherson.

Investigators say Barry Claiborne was supposed to be watching the child while her mother was at work, but he left the child sleeping in the motel to run an errand.

The child had on only a T-shirt and a dirty diaper when several people, including Sue Ellis, stopped to help.

'She was just shaking asking for her momma,' Ellis said, who was on her way to work when she saw the youngster.

Another person told police they saw an open door at the motel, so officers went to investigate and found diapers and baby clothing, McPherson stated.

Claiborne, the child's mother and the little girl live at the motel, she added.

Claiborne, 21, has been charged with felony child neglect and assault on a law enforcement officer for shoving the officer when he tried to stop him, according to police.

The child wasn't hurt and is with her mother, who was at work when the child was found running down Jefferson Ave.

Ellis said the mother was quite upset when she returned to the motel.

Child Protective Services also was contacted.

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