YORK COUNTY- A York County mother says her son and a family friend drowned after getting stuck in mud that sucked them in like quicksand.

18-year-old Kelvin Staffon and 47-year-old Daniel Leannis died Saturday at Smith Mountain Lake in Bedford County.

Denise Staffon says her son could swim and jumped in the lake to help pull their boat ashore.

'As soon as he jumped in, he hit the mud and said 'Help Danny, I can't move,'' she stated.

She says the same thing happened to Leannis when he jumped in to try and save Kelvin.

'Every time they pushed up, to try to push out of the mud to swim, they sank further and further until they went under. To me, that's like a bottomless pit, just sucking people down.'

Kelvin's grandmother and girlfriend were watching from shore.

Staffon believes signs should be posted around the lake to warn people of the dangerous bottom.

The viewing and funeral for the Bruton High School graduate will be held Thursday, September 13,at Bethel Restoration Center, 6205 Richmond Road in Williamsburg.

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