NORFOLK-- Imagine finding out you have stage four lung cancer, when you've never touched a cigarette.
'I said 12 centimeters, that's the size of a baseball. I'm thinking no wonder I feel so crappy.'
Joe Maniscalco found out he had cancer six years ago. The tumor was removed and a lobe in his lung was removed. Then 14 months later, cancer was discovered in his other lung.
Maniscalco says he got the disease all from second hand smoke.
'I guess as a performer singing and playing trumpets you are actually breathing in more than the average person would.'
Maniscalco has performed in just about every venue around Hampton Roads. He says if smoking laws were passed years ago, he wouldn't be fighting cancer.
In response, Maniscalco is working to raise awareness about the dangers of second hand smoke. Sunday, he and his friends were celebrating and raising money for the American Cancer Society at the Boathouse at Waterside. The event was called a 'Thanks for the memories' benefit for Joe Maniscalco.

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