SMITHFIELD -- A Smithfield Foods worker is facing charges for sexually assaulting another worker inside the meat packing plant, police told 13News Now.

Police responded to Smithfield Foods packing plant on November 20 after a woman reported that her coworker cornered her inside a back room and then sexually assaulted her.

'He grabbed her throat and was choking her while he was assaulting her. He then stuck his hands down her pants,' the police report states.

Smithfield Foods employee Anthony Mason Jr. was charged with sexual battery and object sexual penetration.

Detective Sgt. Chris Meier said the workers were inside a room where boxes are stored to ship out pork products. The secluded area is supposed to have restricted access.

'Smithfield Foods has a gate that is supposed to be locked. It wasn't locked; it is now locked constantly,' he noted.

Authorities said Smithfield Food has restricted access to the room even more and the company is considering adding surveillance cameras inside this area of the plant.

Police say Mason has bonded out of jail.

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