NORTHAMPTON CO. -- Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today Bayshore Concrete Products will invest $4 million to expand existing operations in Northampton County.

Bayshore will hire 135 workers to build concrete blocks for the Bayonne Bridge in New Jersey. The bridge connects Staten Island to New Jersey.

Salaries will range between $10-$14 an hour for full-time workers, including medical benefits and vacation time. There are a few engineer positions available that would pay approximately $100,000 a year.

McAuliffe says the expansion will position Bayshore Concrete to accept larger and bigger projects for the state of Virginia. He said that Virginia beat out Maryland, New Jersey, and New York for the project.

Chief Financial Officer John Chandler says they had to order some of the specialty products to fulfill the contract from Italy. There are huge 'cake pans' as he calls them, positioned to make pieces of the large New Jersey Bayonne Bridge.

Chandler explains they need to elevate the deck of the existing Bayonne Bridge to accommodate the giant cargo ships that will begin passing through the Panama Canal in 2015 after the project to widen and deepen it is scheduled to be finished.

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