NORFOLK -- A small group of protesters opposed to same-sex marriage are directing their anger at the Norfolk federal judge who ruled Virginia's ban unconstitutional.

The group protested outside Norfolk Christian School Thursday. Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen has a child who attends the school.

The protesters said they wanted to send a message that the judge's ruling is counter to the Christian teachings of the school.

In a letter to the school, protesters Louantha Kerr and Frances Bouton wrote, 'Because Judge Allen is a parent in the school who must adhere to the statement of faith, we feel her court decision goes against all that Norfolk Christian stands for in the community.'

Parents with children at the school have to sign statements of faith that declare their belief in Christianity. They must also write their own statement of faith, and have the church they attend agree with the statement, as well as the faith statement of the school.

'We are here for the children. This protest is all about marriage between a man and a woman, period,' said Louantha Kerr.

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