NEWPORT NEWS -- A Newport News pain doctor is under investigation for putting patients in danger by over-prescribing prescription drugs.

The Virginia Board of Medicine suspended the license of family physician and pain management doctor Roger M.Phillips on Feb. 20.

His practice, Prime Care Family Medicine, at 755 Thimble Shoals Blvd. in Oyster Point is temporarily closed to all patients.

'The Board of Medicine has the statutory authority to summarily suspend the license of a physician if it finds that there is a substantial danger to the public health or safety which warrants an immediate cessation of practice,' BOMB Executive Director, William Harp, M.D. wrote.

The move comes after several patients filed complaints - 33 cases where Phillips may have violated state law.

The report claims Phillips allegedly diagnosed patients with medical conditions without doing appropriate testing and then over-prescribed his patients prescription drugs.

A number of pharmacists complained Phillips was rude when they called to make sure prescriptions were appropriate and one pharmacist refused to fill prescriptions for his patients.

Board of Medicine spokesperson Diane Powers told 13News Now the board could make several decisions. They could suspend the doctor's license, request continuing education or revoke his license.

According to UCompareHealth, 69-year-old Phillips graduated from Yale University School of Medicine and has practiced more than 30 years.

Dr. Phillips has a hearing before the Virginia Board of Medicine on April 4.

'Doctors like everyone else are humans. You have to make sure you get recommendations to make sure you pick someone who is best for you,' Bon Secours pharmacist Jay Levine noted.

Experts say before you choose your doctor, you should research their history. The Board of Medicine has helpful databases on its website to research hospitals and doctors.

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