NASA scientists are now working for Facebook. Company founder Mark Zuckerberg says he's hiring them to help bring the internet to the developing world. Zuckerberg says Facebook is looking at drones, satellites and lasers to try and allow everyone in the world to be connected.

Important recall news for Toyota owners. The company says airbags could deflate when they are not suppose to in almost 120,000 decades-old Avalons. This is the second recall this week because of airbag problems. Nissan issued a recall for airbags that would not inflate.

Amazon is expected to announce a video-streaming service to compete with Netflix. There were reports that this service would be free but with ads. Amazon, however, is denying it will befree. We'll find out more about the service onWednesday. That's when Amazon isset tomake anofficial announcement about it.

If you've ever wanted to play golf at night, well now you can withthe help of somespecial golf balls. These balls have L-E-D lights in them. They willstay lite for eight minutes after you hit them to help you find your ball. Not a big surprisehere. but these new golf balls cost twice as much as regulargolf balls.

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