What is it? a maximum strength scratch remover for painted metal surfaces

What does it claim? wipe it on and the scratch is gone! It claims that this is not a cover-up or filler but a genuine solution for those annoying surface blemishes that spoil an otherwise beautiful finish.

Who tested it? Michael Kerry Williams, the executive director of Young Audiences of Virginia. He used it on his car.

What Are The Instructions? Start with a dry and clean surface. It's also recommended that you test Scratch-dini on a small, inconspicuous area. To get started, remove the plastic wrap and apply a small amount of Scratch-dini onto the area using a clean soft cloth. Be sure to use direct and even pressure on the scratch.
Next, let it set for up to 30 seconds, making sure you wipe away excess product before it dries. Then rub in a circular motion from several angles until the scratch is gone. You can then wipe and buff the surface with a clean, damp, soft cloth. At this point, you can wax and polish to seal, shine and protect.

Did it work ? Williams was not so impressed. Scratch-dini worked on some of the scratches on his car but not on the others. He also was a little confused because the 'before' picture on the box of a scratch that the product said it could fix looked worse than the ones on his car. He found Scratch-dini's track record on his scratches to be about 50/50 and that wasn't good enough for him.

Cost/Availability? We purchased Scratch-dini at Walgreens for $10.

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