CHESAPEAKE -- Sinkholes are popping up around town but what's causing them?

Neighbors in the Western Branch area of Chesapeake recently started seeing the pavement sink off Dunedin Drive.

City officials said crews have placed barrels around the holes to prevent cars and people from falling into them.

13 News Now saw workers temporarily fill the sinkhole with rocks and sediment to keep the area level.

Officials believe a stormwater line joint separated underground and said they are looking into making appropriate repairs.

In Norfolk, at the intersection of Norview and Essex Circle, some residents are worried about a sinkhole that's creating circles in the pavement and has caved in.

The city released the following statement:
We received a call about a small depression on the right side of eastbound Norview Ave & Essex Circle on Tuesday. Utilities crews have determined that the depression is due to compaction of soil around a valve box and does not pose a risk to public safety. Since, the depression is off to the right of the travel lane, Utilities crews placed a traffic cone over it to alert motorists to keep to the left. We will follow up with a repair in the coming days.
-- Harry C. Kenyon, APR
Management Services Administrator

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