5/29 UPDATE: Sudath Omattage on Thursday morning placed flowers at the scene where his friend, Sansage Weera, died after being hit by a police car.
He said Weera was like family to him. Both men are originally from Sri Lanka.
PORTSMOUTH -- A 60-year-old died Wednesday night after a marked police cruiser hit him on Portsmouth Boulevard near Woodstock Street shortly after 9:00 p.m.

The victim's mother-in-law, Alisha Pembleton, told 13News Now Sansage Weera had been at the laundromat, and he may have been crossing Portsmouth Boulevard to get to his home in Douglass Park.

Pembleton said Weera, who everyone called 'Chili,' originally was from Sri Lanka. He married her daughter in 1995, and he raised his two stepdaughters as his own from the time they were young.

Pembleton found out about her son-law's-death after a hysterical phone call from her daughter.

'She said that someone had called and said that Chili was dead, she said that Portsmouth police hit him,' said Pembleton.

Portsmouth Police Department spokeswoman Detective Misty Holley said the officer who hit Weera called for medical help immediately after the impact.

The officer was not responding to a call at the time and appeared to be on routine patrol.

The department placed him on administrative leave with pay, pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

Pembleton told 13News Now Weera worked at 7 Cities Food and Deli, a convenience store near the spot where the police car hit him.

He lived on Radford Street.

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