8:55 a.m. UPDATE:Bainbridge Blvd. at the Triple Decker Bridge is now open to traffic.

8/14 -8:10 a.m. UPDATE: Public Works says cleanup continues, so Bainbridge Blvd. at Triple Decker Bridge remains closed Thursday. They hope to have it open by noon at the latest.

CHESAPEAKE -- A Sunbelt rental tractor-trailer struck the overpass on Bainbridge Blvd. at the Triple Decker Bridge in Chesapeake Wednesday.

The driver sustained minor injuries and was transported to Norfolk General hospital.

Bainbridge Blvd. is closed in both directions in the area.

According to police, the tractor-trailer was hauling a bucket lift, which hit the bridge.

Crews are on scene to assess the damage and to clean hydraulic fuel leaking from the bucket lift.

Officials expect the road to open around 7 p.m.

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