VIRGINIA BEACH -- I was training with Walter Wright, who has established a great reputation as a guitar technician at Alpha Music.

After showing me the lay of the land, Walter started me off with your basic stringing job.

'So repeat them all again for me... E, A, D, G, B, E,' said Wright.

It's a matter of taking the fresh new strings and one by one installing them on the guitar.

'I was the guy that all my friends who had guitars would bring them to me to try to fix. It was just something that I just naturally liked to do,' he said.

When you do a tuneup it involves things like adjusting the trust rod, which controls the neck, setting intonation so the notes are good over the whole surface of the neck, and setting the strings so they are low enough to play but not too low to buzz.

'Getting the instrument to sort of get out of your way and let you just play music on it without having to fight the instrument the whole time,' Wright explained. 'You have to be pretty focused. A lot of concentration. Details. Because you are working with pretty expensive instruments, you can't have any mishaps,' said longtime Alpha Music owner Ed Hancock.

So would I do as a guitar technician?

'I think Joe would do good. I'd advise him to keep his day gig,' concluded Hancock.

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