NORFOLK-- Whenever USSBataan makes news, lots of email are sent to 13News from viewers upset with the way the name is pronounced.

Is it baton, like the conductor's wand or is it buh-tan?

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary's pronunciation is buh-TAN and gives the definition as a geographical name, peninsula Philippines in W Luzon on W side of Manila Bay.

When asked Tuesday, Admiral John Harvey, head of Fleet Forces Command, said he said it like that, too.

However, the ship's mission commander, Capt. Tom Negus, said as the ship was set to deploy, USSBataan, like the wand.

Classic firearms store owner, Donna House, knows and has worked with WWII soldiers who survived the Bataan death march.

She says the men say Buh-Tan as well.

She says, though, some commandoes from Bataan that are Filipino and live inNewport News say it BahTaAhn.

So, while there's no definitive answer the question, Admiral Harvey says there's no question which ship's being discussed.

'No one's at issue with what we are talking about right now. The big ship that's down in Haiti doing a lot of good,'he added.

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