VIRGINIA BEACH --Republican Scott Rigell, a car dealer from Virginia Beach, is headed toWashington.

Hedefeated Democratic incumbent Glenn Nye (D-2nd D.).

'This is a message not only for me but for all the new members elected tonight. We have a special obligation to you, the American people, to stand true to the principles to which we were elected and we must lead by example,' the Congressman-electedsaid.

Nye supporters at the Hilton Oceanfront in Va. Beach wereunhappy with the results.

Speaking to his supporters, Nye said it wasn't the speech he'd planned to give tonight.

'I'm more proud of what we've done for Virginia's2nd District - what we set out to do in the beginning, serve our military and our veterans andour small businesses and I'm proudof my time in Congress. Ihad two years fighting my heart out forHampton Roads.'

Kenny Golden, trailing from the onset of the race,hoped to win support from undecided voters and pull an upset, but that didn't happen.

'This was a job Iwas qualified for,'Golden said. 'Iworked for Congressional policy and liaison up there for four years. I was nominated for Secretary of the navy and this is the largest area for the Navy. If the people decided they don't want me to do that, then I'm going to do something else.'

Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins was thrilled with Rigell's win.

'Scott Rigell's success tonight is yet another rejection of the tax-and-spend policies of Nancy Pelosi, President Obama.  Voters in Hampton Roads have joined the ever-growing chorus of Americans who are crying out for a return to the values that have always made America great low taxes, limited government, Federalism and fiscal restraint.'

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA)stated, 'The political landscape changed tonight, but the challenges facing our country are still the same. Economic growth is too slow, deficits are too high, and partisanship is out of control. We simply must find a way to work together.'

In the 1st Congressional District, incumbent Rob Wittman was declared the winner by the Associated Press, beating challengers Krystal Ball and Gail Parker.

'They (voters) sent a message loud and clear that it is time to get our federal budget in check, to get our economy back on track, and to defend the freedoms of this nation,'Wittman stated.

In the 3rd Congressional District, Democratic incumbent Bobby Scott also won, beating outthree challengers -- Republican Chuck Smith, Independent John Kelly and Libertarian James Quigley.

'We knew the Tea Party candidates were going to come out and there was going to be a wave to come out and there would be a wave to repeal health care and undo all the things that we've been trying to do for the last two years since Barack Obama was elected. We knew there would be a huge turnout and the only way to overcome that would be a huger turnout,'Scott stated.

4th District voters returnedRepublican incumbent Randy Forbes to Congress.He was challenged byDemocrat Wynne LeGrow.

'It's both exciting and humbling, too, because we knew this isn't just a celebration of an election, but of an opportunity. We are going to be held accountable for that opportunity,'Forbes stated.

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