NORFOLK -- To watch the daily process of pressing shirts here at Jay Yang's Elegance Fabric Care Center in Norfolk you wouldn't notice the many ways Jay Yang helps the environment. But behind the scenes his Bio Clean Machine uses no petroleum based chemicals like Trichlor Ethylene. It only uses an alcohol-based solution called Janax.

'This was the most easy to use and it gives you the best quality and it was easier for me to switch it from perc to this solvent,' said Yang.

He runs four or five loads per day at 35 minutes and at no time does he ever have to add chemicals. The Bio Clean does not emit gaseous odors and during a cycle any debris comes out in the wash and gets recycled. Again, no liquids added to the machine and no liquids drained off.

'No it contains in here and it gets reclaimed back. And whatever is remaining here will get dumped in here and we will be putting in a drum and it will be hauled away. So everything gets recycled,' added Yang.

Jay recycles hangars and he recycles plastic and on his alteration side, he even recycles clothing material. It was enough to impress one brand new customer.

'I think that's a big advantage and I'd like to see more people do that,' said Dave Bowling.

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