CHESAPEAKE -- The mother of an 8-year-old shocked in the family's front yard has filed a $30 million lawsuit against Dominion Virginia Power and Verizon.

The lawsuit accuses both companies of negligence and recklessness.

Logan Fray went into cardiac arrest and suffered third-degree burns after touching an electrified cable fastened to the bottom of a tree in March of last year.

The cable ran up to an abandoned satellite dish high in the tree.

Either the dish or the cable came into contact with an overhead power line owned by Dominion, according to the lawsuit.

Logan's mother Leslie calls her son a miracle child for surviving the intense shock.

'He obviously looks like he's doing well but you've got to remember the therapies and what he's going to have to overcome,' Leslie Fray said.

Logan has developed cataracts and sometimes has trouble walking, which his mother attributes to shock.

He also temporarily must wear protective garments to help heal the burns.

Leslie Fray said she hopes the lawsuit provides enough money for her family to cover the years of recovery ahead for her son.

'He just wants to be an ordinary kid,' she said.

The lawsuit also names Verizon as a defendant because it is a successor to the former company, CAI Wireless Systems, Inc., that installed the satellite dish and cable, said Mike Imprevento, the family's attorney.

Neither Dominion nor Verizon would comment on the pending litigation.

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