SUFFOLK -- The City of Suffolk says it had no choice but to get rid of three old homes in the small village of Hobson.

The empty, abandoned homes on Saw Mill Point Road were razed Monday because of safety concerns, noting that the homes had been in violation of city code for at three years.

'Even if your house is deemed historical you still have to maintain maintnence on the house you still have to keep it up,' said John Thrower who lives next to where the homes stood.

Officials say other structures in the village could face the same fate because they're in such poor condition.

'I think everyone values the possiblity of something being historic, however the fact that it may or may not be historic certainly doesn't exempt the property owner from making sure that property is safe,' said Debbie George Suffolk city spokeswoman.

Mary Hill doesn't want that to happen. She's been fighting to save the properties, calling them historical treasures.

'This one right here is 80 years old and it's not fair what they're doing to us. It's not fair,' said Hill.

Hobson, dating back to the 1700s, was founded by freed slaves.

Hill also has been pushing to get the village on national historical registry; it was put on the state registry in 2009, according to published reports.

Hill says her family's roots in Hobson trace back to the late 1700s.

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